Landscaping In FNQ


Businesses that conduct landscape construction work over the value of $1100 as outlined by law, must be registered with the Queensland Building Services Authority.(QBSA)

This does not apply to planting or soft scaping projects.

CLIC holds regular discussions with the BSA senior managers to ensure that landscape contractors have an equitable and reasonable licensing requirement by the Queensland Government.

Senior CLIC Executives hold regular meetings with the BSA that may include:

  • Illegal or non compliant contractors
  • Non registered contractors
  • Contract development exclusively for the landscape industry (the first in Queensland!)
  • Points of order for contractors
  • Fair and reasonable practices that do not jeopardise the integrity and profitability of members- yet remain within lawful guidelines.
  • Ongoing representations to match established industry training competency units with BSA competency levels for licence applicants
  • Representations to have BSA appointed industry compliance/training personnel who are familiar with the trade and region.  
  • Representation on behalf of members in dispute with BSA 


CLIC has been developing close relationships with a nuber of organisations to help develop the industry and deliver services and information to its members.

Advance Cairns

Advance Cairns is the economic driver of the Cairns economy and CLIC is proudly associated with AC.  AC provides office accommodation, business and meeting amenities at their Esplanade Cairns offices. CLKIC also has the great benefoit of the AC network to expedite a range of member interests to propvide individual and coillective results.

Advance Cairns is an integral part of the CLIC development strategy.

Cairns Regional Council (CRC)  Relationships

Cairns Regional Council Urban Design Advisory Board includes two experienced CLIC representatives to provide guidance and advice to the Cairns Council in areas and matters of design and delivery of horticulture and landscape development

CLIC has regular representations direct to the Mayor and senior local government officials to discuss issues that affect members –

  • Greater access to Council projects for CLIC Members
  • Development of tree and street scaping policy and plant supply for members
  • Urban planning and design issues
  • Council management of landscape plans submitted by CLIC approved design members on behalf of their clients
  • Liaison with Council engineers, horticulture and arborist staff on matters that affect the landscape industries.

Singapore Government and Landscape Industry

CLIC has forged overseas relationships with the Singapore National Parks Board and will soon sign the first Memorandum of Understanding Agreement with senior Singapore Government Officials.

This connection will widen the opportunities to do business between the two tropical cities, exchange professionals and use the massive impact of industry numbers to negotiate higher education courses in tropical lifestyle and landscape techniques.

Included is a unique connection with the Singapore Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE) the national training arm of the Singapore National Parks Board.  CLIC training professionals are already designing and delivering tailored training to senior Singapore professionals.

CLIC Life Member Anton van der Schans originally from Cairns is working on the colossal project to develop the world’s first super tech horticulture theme park in Singapore. 

Australian Institute of Horticulture Inc. (AIH)

Many CLIC Members are also members of AIH as professional horticulturists. AIH has a national network that is available to CLIC members and offers a range of professional development programs, representations and environment polices that encourage organisations such as CLIC in which to participate.

Queensland Arborists Association

CLIC and QAA have a mutual interest in developing the arborist sector of the Industry. CLIC holds collaborative arrangements and supports QAA as an associate  ‘family’.