Proposed Weed Declaration

Date: 21st August 2009

Biosecurity Queensland is proposing to declare there species of Hedychium as weeds in Queensland

H. gardnerarium  - Kahili Ginger
H. coronarium - White Ginger
H.flavescens - Yellow Ginger

Kahili Ginger was once a popular garden plant and is a major pest in Hawaii, NZ, the Azores and South Africa. It has the potential to from pure stands within the understorey of upland rainforests and other moist, upland forest habitats in couth-east Queensland at least, especially along forest margins, gapos and other disturbed habitats.

Kahili Ginger currently occurs as small isolated populations in SE Qld. Failure to control tis species is expected to result in significant damage to upland subtropical, temperate rainforests and other moist cool habitats in high elevation areas of coastal SE Queensland and possibly North Queensland White Ginger has also been a popular garden plant. It is naturalised in SE QLD.and Nth Qld at Babinda and Milla Milla. It is slow to spread but has the potential to be troublesome like Kahili Ginger.

Yellow Ginger has also been sold as a garden Plant. It has become a major pest in Hawaii and NZ. It is not reported to be naturalised in Qld. But should be removed from wherever it has been planted as a preventative measure. None of the species are expected to establish in drier areas of the state.

Kahili ginger (H.Garednerianum) and White Ginger (H. coronarium)
Proposed Declaration Category: Class3

  • Sale Prohibited
  • Should be removed from any environmentally significant areas A local government should issue a pest control notice on provate land containing Kahili Ginger if the local government believes the plants present a threat to nearby ‘environmentally significant areas’’.

Yellow Ginger (H.flavescens)
Proposed Declaration Category: Class 1

  • Sale Prohibited
  • Should be eradicated from Queensland. All plantings should be removed and destroyed. Biosecurity Queensland would take lead in implementing this action.

Note from CLIC: These are proposals only, yet are likely to be implemented.
If you wish to object or comment call DPI&F 13 2523


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