Zen Arbor

Zen Arbor is a Cairns based business specialising in Arboricultural Contracting, Consultancy and Training.  Our slogan and indeed our core philosophy is TREE | CARE | SERVICE.  Why?  Because it sums up what we do, individually and collectively.

TREE:  Trees are the longest lived organisms on this planet, they are its lungs; they are the kings of our landscapes and our backyards.  We are passionate about trees (and we include palms in this).  We work with them and around them every day. We inspect them, we climb up them, we prune them, we remove them (if required), we write reports on them, we plant them.

CARE:  What do we care about?  1. Trees.  2. Safety.  Tree care can be a hazardous industry; chainsaws, woodchippers and gravity (to name a few) all have the potential to hurt you.  We have made safety our first priority throughout the planning, management and operations phases of our work.   3. Professionalism.  We care about the standard of work we do, as well as the level of professionalism of our industry in general. That’s why we choose to be a member of CLIC, to have the input and synergy of like-minded professional people and businesses within the landscape sector

SERVICE:  We provide our services to YOU!  Trees don’t actually need Arborists – they know perfectly well how to grow, reproduce and die; they have been doing it for many millennia.  Arborists exist because of people.  Because people live, work and play near, around or under trees.  We are here to facilitate the co-existence of you and your trees.